A4/A3 Poster


Welkom in de wonderlijke wereld van De Beesjes! Limited Edition Art Print (1/25)



Welcome to the wonderful world of De Beesjes!   Limited Edition Art Print (1/25)

A4/A3 Poster

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  • ......... and his surrounding is made from Pop'set paper, which is eco friendly, FSC certified en for 30% recycled!

    Printed on sustainable 240 grams Munken paper, produced ecologically in the nature reserves of Sweden.

    EU Ecolabel and is both FSC® as PEFC™ certified



    A3 size

    A3 size passe-partout (image= 34 cm x 26,7 border is 4cm x 3 cm)

    A4 size

    A4 size passe-partout (image= 19,8 cm x 14 cm, border is 4 cm x 3cm)