A3/A4 Poster Olige Ollies


Welkom in de wonderlijke wereld van De Beesjes! De Olige Ollies zijn een grote kleurrijke familie en doen alles samen. Hoe groot deze familie precies is? Niemand die het zeker weet dus laat je fantasie de vrije loop. Limited Edition Art Print (1/25)



Welcome to the wonderful world of De Beesjes! 'De Olige Ollies' are one big colorful family and do everything together. How many familymembers this family counts? Nowhone really knows, so let your imagination run free. Limited Edition Art Print (1/25)



A3/A4 Poster Olige Ollies

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  • 'Olige Ollies' and their surroundings are made from Pop'set paper, which is eco friendly, FSC certified en for 30% recycled!

    Printed on sustainable 240 grams Munken paper, produced ecologically in the nature reserves of Sweden.

    EU Ecolabel and is both FSC® as PEFC™ certified


    A3 size

    A3 size passe-partout (image= 34 cm x 26,7 border is 4cm x 3 cm)

    A4 size

    A4 size passe-partout (image= 19,8 cm x 14 cm, border is 4 cm x 3cm)